DIY Species reassignment surgery workshop

Have you ever felt that you were born in to the wrong species? Have you always felt that you should have had 4 legs or 8 legs instead of only 2 or fur, or scales?

Join our growing group of transspecies.

In this workshop we will show you the techniques needed to transform your body in to a better suited skin. We will show the process of adding limbs, gills, and fur. We will teach how to communicate with your new found species. There will be talks from post-humans that have gone through the process. We also provide a support group for transspecies that are having problems integrating into their new species.

We will make you into what you should have been from the start.

Who: Everyone with an open mind.
When: March 1, 2010 and March 30
Where: VHS (45 west hastings)
Bottom liner: Hugh Richard