Made @VHS – February Edition

All kinds of interesting projects are created by members and guests at VHS. A few of them get documented on our forum, But not everybody follows Talk, so maybe we should show off a few of these on this blog, yeah? Let’s give it a try. Here’s a sampling of things people were working on in February.

Monster Corner Planter

Monster Corner Planter, installed and looking great! Have you got a big plant? Why not build it a custom home? Baptiste has been building this beautiful organic piece for a while, but he documented the build and the finished result last month.

This planter was laser cut. Yes, laser cut.

A pile of laser cut plywood parts for the monster corner planter.

Now that’s a puzzle!

Read all about this laser cut project.

CNC Milled Circular Dies

Majicj is interested in die cutting paper, but why not take it a step further and machine your own dies?

Die being machined from rectangular aluminum blank on CNC mill Machined die with micrometer measuring thickness

Die with sample paper cut lying on table

CNC mills are remarkably powerful machines, and Majicj is doing some very creative work with this one. And right now, VHS has three of them.

Read more on this machining and papercraft project.

LED Strips

Most VHS projects don’t start and end in a month, and often they involve many people collaborating and building off of each other’s work. As an example, here’s Janet’s build of Jarrett’s LED board, reflow soldered in the VHS reflow oven built by PacketBob, and tested using LukeCyca’s Partycat wifi-connected LED controller.

No idea what photo to choose for all of that, so… VHS LED wall.

Read more on this electronics project.

There were many other interesting projects and ideas shared over the last month, and more still that you could see if you drop by for a visit on one of our Tuesday Open Nights. The only thing we’re missing is your projects; why not join VHS today and add your own flavour to the VHS mix?