VHS to join NFT crypto revolution

For Immediate Release:

Local makerspace and non-profit, volunteer run, community workshop, Vancouver Hack Space, (VHS), are unveiling today, their latest in a long string of successful decelerator projects since their inception in 2008:  MonolithCoin™.  Based on the recent improvements in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), the makers at VHS have managed to combine recent donations into a completely carbon neutral semi-de-centralized co-operatively operated blockchain generator.  Capitalizing on a recent bulk donation of top tier CPUs and GPUs by the membership at large, as well as a Monolith of unknown (possibly alien) origins, the boffins at VHS have created a new form of Orgonite-powered Monolithium hyper-flux reactor, which promises an increase of 1.601 x 106 Joules per teraflop over previous implementations.  This development will enable all VHS members to participate in an upcoming NFT launch as co-owners of this new MonolithCoin™ blockchain.  MonolithCoin™ will be semi-centralized, through distributed monolith technologies, relying on the existing network of monoliths as initial upload points, and subsequently as transceivers and compute nodes, as their GPU cluster upgrades will allow.  Initial tokens expected to be sold include the rights to the surprise generated by Butterscotch the Robot horse, the URL to a video of someone riding Capt. Beaverton, a Robot high-five, Vacuum Formed candybars, and the sounds of an LED Laser party.

VHS welcomes all interested parties to apply for membership before the launch party, to secure their space on the founder’s ICO, as MonolithCoin™ is sure to head skyward as soon as the pattern is clear.  VHS are accepting donations for their initial NFT offerings, and remind everyone that VHS continues to operate, but with COVID restrictions in place.

Furthermore projects like these are only made possible through the generosity of VHS members and the local Vancouver business community. Without the contributions that come in regularly, and our generous benefactors & members, VHS would not have been able to have remained active in Vancouver over the last year. Throughout these trying times, our doors have remained open to all members, as we fulfill our mission to enable anyone to create what they can imagine.

More information on the space and membership is available on the website at https://vanhack.ca/ 

Staff writer:  Jim Merriweather